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Noble House At Home Recipes – Smashed Avocado & Home-made Vegetable Crisps

This is elevated smashed avocado. With just a few more added ingredients, you can take this healthy and delicious favourite and turn it into a tasty companion for some home-made chips or an exciting spread on toast – or anywhere else you love to add spicy avocado topping!

Smashed Avocado & Home-Made Vegetable Crisps

Serves 2 – 4


· 3 Avocados

· 1 finely diced red onion

· 1 bunch of coriander

· 2 limes

· 50ml olive oil

· 60ml white wine vinegar

· 10-15g sugar

· Pinch salt

· Paprika

· Chopped red chili (optional/to taste)

· Your chosen vegetables for crisps


1. Boil the vinegar with sugar and add the finely diced onion. Allow to cool.

2. Add the juice and zest of both limes to the vinegar mix along with the olive oil.

3. Smash in the avocados to make a chunky mix, then add the fresh, roughly chopped, coriander.

4. Season with salt and paprika to taste.

5. To make the vegetable crisps: finely slice your chosen vegetables and deep fry at 160°C until crisp. Pat dry with some kitchen towel to remove excess oil, and allow to cool before serving and sprinkle with a little salt. Our favourite vegetables to use are Sweet Potatoes, Parsnips, Celeriac and even Lotus Root!

Serving Suggestion:

This recipe works beautifully as either a healthy dip or served for breakfast as avocado toast.


We hope you’ve been enjoying the series of recipes to cook at home.

As social distancing continues throughout the year to keep our communities and country safe, we are introducing some new options to deliver Noble House directly to your homes.

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