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Office Deliveries – Individually sealed safe meals delivered to your workplace

Menus made to order, freshly cooked and then sealed in compostable containers.

Companies large and small in London are leading the charge in seeking the best ways to bring their teams back into work. Workplaces all over the capital, and indeed the UK, are stepping up to this challenge, with health and safety at the forefront of their efforts.

Introducing screens in reception and office areas, reducing the density of open plan offices and bringing in new shift patterns are some of the measures that workplaces are implementing to assist with bringing physical/ social distancing into effect.

One main concern of our clients is maintaining the office ‘bubble’ and mitigating the danger of additional external contact as much as possible throughout the working day. A key part of this is managing office lunches and other catering requirements, including for evening and weekend shift workers.

The solution: keeping your staff encouraged, confident, motivated, cared-for and (most importantly) safe in this changed landscape, by providing them with meals delivered directly to your workplace, by one trusted, safe, supplier.

We are here to work with you. Introducing our new individually packaged meal options, which can be delivered hot or cold, direct to your offices or workspaces.

We know that you do not want to compromise on your teams’ wellbeing and nutritional needs; all your food will be made freshly by us at Noble House and delivered by us, so that you know exactly where it was made and how it got to you. Your teams will be able to continue maintaining safe physical distancing in their workspaces, while enjoying beautiful, balanced meals.

Delicious food in the workplace helps build and define company culture. When people need access to great tasting food in the workplace, they don’t have to seek it elsewhere. Instead they stay on-site and enjoy meals in each other’s company, even at a distance or over Zoom!

We can provide:

· Fresh Hot & Cold Mains, including: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

· Sides

· Salads

· Snacks & Desserts

· Fresh Juices & Smoothies

· Delivered individually packaged and sealed

Designed and prepared by our Head Chef Owen Sullivan, who has extensive experience leading Michelin-starred kitchens, our menus are created on a weekly basis to use the best available seasonal ingredients from our most trusted suppliers. We will work together with you to arrange the most appropriate non-contact delivery options, that suit your office space.

Get in touch with us to see how we can work with you to help your teams return to the office with our safe workplace dining options:


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