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A New Look for Noble House

Born out of a love of bringing people together through spectacular food and drink, Noble House was founded in 2008 by Conrad Baker and Emma Noble-Baker. We've been delivering exquisite food, events and contract catering to high profile and industry leading companies ever since.

To accommodate the recent growth in contracts and events, the head office and kitchen has relocated to a larger site in East London for 2019. The newly installed kitchen facilities give significant increased capacity for both contract and event catering production.

In addition to the introduction of the new site, this year has also seen a rebrand for Noble House. The new branding of the Noble House Group sees the company divided into Noble House Events ( specialising in private, corporate and wedding catering, and Noble House Kitchen ( concentrating on workplace food delivery and contract catering. 

"We wanted to show our clients the breadth of our services" - Conrad Baker. "We are showcasing our expertise across the spectrum of catering from on-site and contract catering to more intimate dining such as weddings and private dinners."

Good food can transform a business into an outstanding business. When people have access to delicious food in the workplace, they don’t have to seek it elsewhere. Instead they stay on-site and enjoy meals in each other’s company. At Noble House Kitchen we’ve developed a new way to bring tailored menus to our customers and a delivery superior dining experience to those who demand more - kitchen or no kitchen.

Get in touch with our team to find out how we can bring interesting and balanced food to your office through either; daily deliveries, occasional lunch deliveries, on-site catering/ retail opportunities or corporate events at


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